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Best Arthroscopy Surgeon Doctor in Jaipur for Sports Ligament Injury Treatment, Dr. Vikram Sharma

MS Ortho, fellowship USA, UK, Switzerland, President, Thar Association of Sports Medicine.

President Elect, Indian association of Sports medicine. Sports medicine specialist (Dope Control officer ) BCCI Trained from International Olympic Committee, Switzerland, UPMC Pittsburgh USA Accredited sports medicine specialist with Rajasthan Cricket Association, Badminton World Federation, Rajasthan Para Athlete Association, Rajasthan weight Lifting Association Diploma Sports Injuries (UK)

Consultant Arthroscopic and Sports injury Surgeon, SportsMed - Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur.

Dr. Vikram Sharma is an expert in the field of (anterior cruciate ligament injury) ACL treatment arthroscopy treatment is a process to diagnose and cure joint problems. In this procedure, arthroscopic surgery doctors or specialists insert a narrow tube through an incision which is attached to the fiber-optical camera then transmitted inner views show in the HD video monitor to treat bone's joints.

Dr. Vikram Sharma is associated with Sports Med Clinic Sports injury treatments in Jaipur. Specialist in sports medicine, Dr. Vikram Sharma is the best arthroscopy doctor in Jaipur. Best arthroscopy surgeon in Jaipur for sports ligament injury treatments, and ACL treatments. Get arthroscopic consultancy for ligament treatment of shoulder, knee, fracture, ankles, elbows, and muscle.

Specialist in sports medicine, Dr. Vikram Sharma is the best Arthroscopy Doctor in Jaipur. Best Arthroscopy Surgeon Jaipur for Sports Injury, Ligament, and ACL treatments. Book an appointment and get Arthroscopic consultancy.

Including knee sports juries, shoulder sports injuries, anterior cruciate ligament injury - Acl treatment and small joint arthroscopy treatment Dr. Vikram Sharma also has interest arthroscopic synovectomy, muscle & ligament treat repair, shin pain, Rib Fractures, Hip Bursitis, groin strain, calf pain, pelvic avulsion fracture, fractured skull, Broken Finger, fracture joint or ligament, and more treatments. He is even a highly skilled & trained doctor or specialist in ankle sprain, broken wrist, small joint, and other similar arthroscopy treatment in Jaipur throw sports medicines.

Get effective minimally invasive surgical treatment in Jaipur through arthroscopic technique. SportsMed Clinic Offers minimally invasive surgery treatment at low cost in Jaipur. When it comes Minimally Invasive Knee and shoulder surgery dr. Vikram is a perfect specialist with high skill in synovectomy surgery for rheumatoid arthritis, Tubercular, and more. So if you are looking to treat knee swelling rheumatoid, Tubercular affected Knee and other affected swollen joints then come to Dr. Sharma's SportsMed Clinic for low cost price arthroscopic synovectomy surgery in Jaipur.

Around the world there are many surgeons, specialists, experts, clinics & hospitals are dealing in arthroscopic surgery but Dr. Vikram Sharma at Sports Med Clinic is providing the best result in arthroscopy surgery at the lowest cost in Jaipur India. Here you are treated with fast recovery rate treatment for Arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgery at the cheapest cost in Jaipur India. So you are at the right destination while you searching for an Arthroscopy treatment clinic in Jaipur to treat your sports injury in the shoulder and knee. Get the best knee arthroscopy treatment by the best ligament doctor in Jaipur and ACL injury Treatment throw sports medicines by the best arthroscopy specialist in Jaipur.

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"Shah Rukh Khan, a famous Bollywood actor underwent a surgery as he was suffering from a tear in the rotator cuff muscles in his right shoulder. He also underwent a surgery in his left shoulder in 2009."

Shah Rukh Khan

"Schilling, an American former Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher injured his right ankle in the Game 1 of the 2004 AL championship series against New York. He then returned to an exceptional win in Game 6."


"Mohammed Shami Ahmed, an Indian cricketer suffered a tear in the left knee during one of the tournaments in the year 2015 and underwent an arthroscopic corrective knee surgery."

Mohammed Shami Ahmed
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